Canadian Orders

A brief message for our Northern neighbors...

At the moment there are no Canadian retail dealers currently selling the squeaky floor products offered for sale at In this regard, we welcome you to purchase online for peace and quiet that will last a lifetime.

Important Notice!

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, International shipments are apparently being given the lowest priority as far as the US Postal system is concerned.   This applies to both First Class mail and Priority Air shipments.

Normally, Priority Air would take 6 to 10 workdays to arrive and First Class a bit longer.  However, since the outbreak, some shipments have taken more than 30 days to reach the purchaser.  We consider this delay unacceptable and sadly, there is nothing we can do to speed up the process. 

We just wanted to inform you that it is impossible for us to know how long a package will remain in transit.  While we ship out of Michigan, the package does not go directly to Canada, it actually gets shipped to the International distribution center north of Chicago where it is re-labeled and then proceeds thru Customs. Once that is complete, it is then transferred to Canadian postal where tracking ceases.

We are sorry for any inconvenience that this issue may have caused.


Jim Riesberg

Important Note:

Due to a system programming issue (to be corrected shortly), the current "check out" screen limits your shipping options to First Class and standard rate Priority mail. As most orders we receive can ship in a much less expensive small, or medium flat rate Priority mail box, we will use a flat rate box whenever possible to save you $$.

  • If you select Priority mail and we can ship in a small flat rate box (under 4lbs.), the final cost for shipping would amount to $26.25
  • If you select Priority mail and we need to ship it in medium flat rate box (over 4lbs.), the final cost for shipping would be $47.25

When applicable, your credit card will only be billed for the lower amount to reflect the savings.

FYI, Usually a medium flat rate box is required when ordering more than 250 screws, or more than 2 SRB-12 Contractor kits.

If you have any questions concerning the cost of shipping, please contact us at 800-343-6129, or use our convenient "Contact us" web page.   

Many thanks for shopping at your business is appreciated.

Squeaker from