Squeeek-No-More Floor Repair Kit

Price: $19.95
Each Squeeek-No-More Kit comes with 50 screws. If you need additional screws, click the related products below to add them to your order.

Squeeek-No-More is designed for carpeted, hardwood or vinyl floors where there is limited or no direct access to the subfloor. There is no need to pull up your carpet to make the repair and it works on both first floor or second floor repairs. Installation is easy with no special tools required. Recommended for all carpeted floors including tight weave carpets such as Berber. This kit includes 50 screws.

"It took five minutes and three screws. The squeaks disappeared as advertised. No damage to the carpet. A terrific product and will help anyone who tries tip-toeing in late at night and gets caught because of the squeaks! Refreshing to deal with a good company and a product that performs as promised... I am confident I will be back for more of your line."

-Keith H., Beeton, Ontario

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