Jim, The Squeak Relief product stopped the noise just like you said it would, WOW. I am so thankful for this incredible product
and how easy it is to use, as we tried a couple other methods prior to Squeak Relief, to no avail!

Thanks for your time and input on how and where to use it.

Dave, K.
Rochester, MI


This is my 2nd order of the product [Squeak Relief], it worked incredibly well.

I loved it so much, I securely stored the remaining 4 pieces for future use.

I have spent 2 days looking in every single spot an old man might store the remaining 4 pieces. Finally, I just ordered another 6.

Thanks again,

Greg G.

Hot Springs Village, AR

These products exceeded my expectations! Our newly built house with hardwood flooring had squeaky floors from the start due to wide joist spacing and gaps between joists and subfloor. I brought in 3 contractors to determine a solution and they all were baffled by the magnitude of the problem. So I searched online where I found squeakyfloor.com and ordered a few items to try. Cautiously optimistic, I then hired a contractor who agreed to try the Squeak-Relief system throughout both first and second floors of the house. The product developer, Jim, gave me and our contractor tips on how to best utilize the products in our particular situation. The end result: the entire 2000 square feet of hardwood flooring is now completely silent and stable underfoot. I am a staunch believer in these products now!

Melodie S.
Portland, Maine

Hi Jim

Thanks for replying.

Sorry, I shouldn’t have bothered you, I figured it out. It’s a very old house and I think some of the subfloor is brittle, but your product is great.
I’m also using the floor joist braces where I am able. It’s amazing.

We had put a in new main beam and jacked the house up many years ago. Created a lot of squeaks. Your product definitely stops our major squeaks.

Jeff J.
Riverside, IL


These squeak relief kits are awesome! Squeaky floors drive me out of my mind. I used these kits about 23 years ago in my last house. After I moved 4 years ago, my new home had some squeaky floors and my handyman installed floor jacks. (I had forgotten about squeak-relief). The jacks work for awhile, but then they need to be tightened again.

Well, after I developed more squeaks, I remembered this product and I'm thrilled I could still find them! My handyman installed them and the squeaks immediately went away. I'm going to replace the floor jacks with these as soon as those spots start squeaking in.

Deborah R.

Dickerson, TN

I purchased your Squeak Relief product and just wanted to say thanks!! I used only one of the fasteners and the squeak is completely gone. Amazing!! Your product really works and I thank you for inventing this and making it in America.

Tom Gilley
Mt. Washington, KY


Finally got to the floors and used the Squeak Relief kits. Floor guy Josh was very impressed with how well they worked. Even though he had to use staples too, based on how bad my floors are, I'm guessing you have another new customer.

So thank you for a great product and I am very happy with the results.

Patrice M.
Grand Rapids, MI


The hardwood floor in my upstairs bedroom was so squeaky it was driving me INSANE! I really mean certifiable! There isn’t access from below, so I thought I would have to tear up the floor and spend thousands of dollars. My hardwood is on top of slat boards, not plywood. After doing some research online, I found your product “Counter-Snap”. I read lots of mixed reviews and watched some videos. I decided to give it a try by purchasing the combined A & B kit. This turned out to be the best $26 (after shipping) I have ever spent. I first tried a few of the B screws in some of the noisiest spots. Unfortunately this didn’t solve my problem. So after a bit of searching for a joist, I finally hit one from above and sank several of the A screws into the joist, sinking about four of them, spaced one in every other hardwood board (about six inches apart), and the noise was gone (in that area). I had a heavily traveled area, that the whole thing was noisy, so I measured 16” over and drilled for the next joist and found it. Sunk about four more screws spaced as before, and moved to the next joist. I ended up using all 25 joist screws in the kit, and about ten of the B (between joist) screws. My problem is completely solved. I am amazed that I fixed this problem, that has annoyed me for years, for a mere $26 dollars! These things worked flawlessly. The problems that I did experience were operator error in that I didn’t set up the drive bit to extend far enough out of my drill and it wouldn’t drive the screw to the bottom of the jig far enough to snap off. It was operator error, and a quick adjustment fixed it. The videos on your site are very helpful, and I definitely recommend watching them to anyone who is going to use this product. This product is awesome! I really am so impressed with it! From the negative reviews I read, I think people probably used the product incorrectly, or maybe never hit a joist. The holes left behind are small, and can be easily filled. Much better than spending thousands to tear up my floor! Thank you!!! ~

Mark W.,
Richmond, Virginia


Amazing service and so helpful! I contacted Squeaky Floor about my stairs, but the product won't work for stairs. However, Jim still took time to tell me how to fix my problem! This is above and beyond what I could have expected! Thank you!


Counter Snap worked great! Thanks!

Great design, first joist screw stopped a 10 year old annoying squeaky floor. I did put two more close by for insurance. Thanks again!

Bruce P.
Lake Villa, IL

We were listing our home for sale. We had areas where our floor squeaked horribly. Realtor said to some prospective buyers it would be
a real turn off. We went to local flooring store and they quoted us $900 to tear up the carpet, fix the squeaks and restretch it. We didn't have the time to do that. I started looking on line and found your product. I called the local hardware store and they had 1 (Squeak No More) in stock. We were amazed. We told our Realtor and a few other people about it. Just wanted to THANK YOU for saving us $875.

Mary Kay. G

Manistee, MI

Just got My (Squeak Relief) order today 3/2/21 - and in 20 minutes had 3 squeaks COMPLETELY FIXED!! Thank you so much! I will recommend this product to ANYONE WHO HAS A SQUEAKY FLOOR!!

Matt. S.

Round Lake Beach, IL

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jim Riesberg, for calling me today, Wednesday, March 3, 2021. I have placed a few orders for the Squeak Relief from 2018. Due to my brand new home's sub-floor not being installed correctly, and then engineered hardwood laid on top of that, it created squeaks EVERYWHERE, and I mean, EVERYWHERE. I discovered your product online and said, "this has to work". So, I ordered them and had them installed by someone, who was supposedly a "carpenter/builder". Well, after he installed all the ones that I ordered the first time, I discovered that he never used the pins that came with the product. Even I know that you must use the pins. When my husband asked him about the pins later. He didn't know what we were talking about, conveniently. I placed a new order last night, Tuesday, March 2, 2021, and also asked in an email, if I could order just the pins to redo th e ones that were incorrectly installed. First thing, this morning, I got a call from you, and you were so kind and thoughtful about my situation. You upgraded my shipping for free, and you even said that you would throw in enough pins to redo my previous Squeak Relief brackets. You showed me customer service at its finest and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it. I will finally get the relief that I have been waiting for, for a loooong time. Thank you, again, for your kindness and generosity. Everyone should know about your product and your service.

Best regards,
Tina Elam

Latrobe, PA

Hello, I just wanted to to tell you that Squeak Relief saved me from hating my home. My wife and I bought our house 4 years ago and thought that fixing our floor squeaks would be simple. Over time they have driven me crazy. We have had 2 different contractors try to shim the floors from below and put random screws in etc, but the squeaks came right back. Then we were told by 2 different flooring companies there was nothing they could do to fix our floors without damaging or removing the wood floor. I tried your product as a last ditch effort and my head almost exploded after installing the first clamp. Immediately my kitchen was silent. I've hunted down about 90% of my squeaks and installed the clamps under each and knocked them out one by one. Thank you for this great product!!

Joshua G.

Blackstone, MA

Squeak Relief is great! Solved my issue...more floor to do.

Kevin D.

Alexandria, VA

I got a call this morning from Jim to tell me that he could save me money and send me more screws. This is the nicest call I have ever received from any customer care ever. I'm a contractor and can't wait to use this product on my own home.

I owe a big thank you Jim and to the company for having the kind of culture that they are valuing the customer relationship above a small profit.

Sherif T,

Maywood, NJ

Holy cow! Just arrived today and installed one and that effing squeak I’ve been trying to ignore for 5 years is

G O N E! It was so easy and I’m about dumb with tools.

Jim C.
Stephens City, VA

FYI, Jim purchased a Squeak Relief 6 pack on 02/03, we shipped on 02/03 with a free upgrade to UPS. Based on the the time he sent us his email, it only took 2 days from the time of purchase, to eliminate his squeaky floors, that bothered him for nearly 5 years...I'd consider Jim another happy camper!

Jim Riesberg

I bought a new house and love it. After a year our floors started squeaking. After looking in the crawl, I noticed a lot of nails missed the joist. This product (Squeak Relief) is not just for an older home. It has eliminated squeaky floors in my 1 year old house. Well done.

Bruce F.

Swanton, OH

Second (Squeak Relief) order...Liked the first order! Should have doubled up the first time.

Stephen L.

Louisville, KY

This is an outstanding company to do business with. I ordered just today and someone called me and had me reorder the same amount in the "contractor mode" and it saved me $20.00. If you have squeaky floors and this product is what you need, you absolutely need to use this company.

J. Chapman

Independence, MO

I just wanted to express how outstanding your product is!! I ordered the Squeak No More Pro Kit as well as the Squeak Relief kit and "wow" what a difference! The carpet install is just as shown on the video and worked like a champ! Still have to do the other installs, but know it will work just fine.

Thanks for a great product!! Just ordered additional screws for the rest of the carpeted areas in our home.

Tim S.

Mundelein, IL

Outstanding results!

Ordered online 1/12/21, delivered 1/13/21 installed and squeak gone. That quick.

Randall M.

Whitmore Lake, MI

Outstanding products!!!

My wife and I have a 1950s rancher that was built by true craftsmen. This is the second time ordering from Accuset Tool Company, because I have had awesome success in the past. As our home aged, of course things wear out. Squeak-Relief and Squeak-No-More Pro have been lifesavers. Trust me, if you have a newborn, these products will fix your noisy floors, money well spent.

David Mauel, Spokane, WA

Update: Love these products so much, came back for more.


Love these screws. I can walk around my place in confidence having no squeaks now. I need some more to finalize the job, but most of the work is done!

George M.

Hartsdale, NY

It's a Christmas miracle! Being Jewish, I take the opportunity to catch up on my chores on December 25th.

I received your product within two days of ordering. I used the fastening system to repair several squeaks in my hardwood floors which have been bothering my family for years.

Finding the joists was a little tricky. But once located, the fastener worked as advertised.

Thank you for such a wonderful product which is easy to use but highly effective!

Jack R.

N. Potomac, MD

To all at this business,

I received my order on Friday 12/11/2020. I was amazed at how quick the order was processed and received. Take pride in the way you handle yourselves.

I have not yet installed any of these products, but if they work as well as you do I am sure I will be pleased.

Thanks again for the great service. Take care of yourselves and have a GREAT CHRISTMAS.

Tom Wells
Findlay, OH

FYI. This is my 2nd order of this product.

My son and I used my 1st purchase (from many years ago) and got rid of a 6 nasty squeaks in the house.

This 2nd order will take care of 14 more squeaks!

Wonderful! Thank you! My son is visiting over Christmas, so the quickness of your UPS upgrade is greatly appreciated as it will be here

in time.

I will spread the word to friends and family about your customer service for those in need of your product!

When I looked up your main office address (listed on your website) it looks like a Michigan suburb.… Another small business that has found a way to weather this COVID storm.

Thanks again!

Gary G.

Kansas City, MO

Love your products! Have a great Christmas!

Tony T.

Cincinnati. Oh

Hey Jim so this is Russell. So it's been a little over two weeks now since I used your product (Counter Snap) and I must confess, I was skeptical at first that they wouldn't hold the floor down, but I am impressed because we had very squeaky floors in our hallway and they are completely gone and so far staying gone. So thanks very much, I appreciate you.

Russell K.

Silver Grove, KY

Via Voice mail

These (Squeak Relief) are awesome! Went through the first 14 fast in my 1927 house. Very elegant solution.

Christopher G.

Columbus, OH

Got it, didn't expect it so soon, many thanks, take care. Excellent customer service, be well.

Gregory M.

San Francisco, CA

I just want to give a positive comment for Squeak Relief. It is the only one that stops the squeaky floor noise in my house! Thank you!

Yu Kong

Pittsford, NY

Thanks. Your product (Squeak Relief) really works! Just tough sometimes to find the right spot to place a bracket. But when you do, bingo!

Mike K.

Livonia, MI

These products are great! Easy to use and they work, but the best part is the customer service! Helpful, and quick to answer any questions I had.

I would recommend them to anyone, 100% Happy

Timothy P.

Powder Springs, GA

I just want to let you know that this kit (Squeak No More) was "life-changing"! We have been living with a squeaky upstairs landing for the past 10 years! Yikes...and now that we are all home (kids returned to the nest) it was driving us NUTS! Our contractor didn't even know how to fix the problem. It took about 1 1/2 hours to eliminate every annoying squeak on that landing. Thank you so much for eliminating this infuriating sound. One extremely happy family! We highly recommend your site and this product.

Antonia J.

Santa Maria, CA

(Squeak No More) system works great Jim, carpeted stair project going well.

Francis M.

Wappingers Falls, NY

Thank you! I am telling all my friends about your product (Squeak Relief) . We fixed a number of squeaks with my first order, but need more for our 110 year old house. Thanks again!

Tins A.

Ludington, MI

Got the kit (for carpeted floors) today. Installed per the instructions. It worked perfectly. Very happy with this product!

Sam G.
Columbia, MO


I want to let you know that I am so happy with your product (Counter Snap Pro). I'd heard that you can't stop squeaky wood floors from above. Wrong. I'm redoing our bedroom oak floors (1926) and the squeaks were the last bit to figure out how to fix. Sanding starts Wednesday on a NON-squeaky floor! Thanks. I'll let my friends know.

Jack C.
Ewing, NJ

I just finished installing 42 of these devices I bought from you back in May 2020, and they work FANTASTIC!! Really amazed how the squeak is gone! I need a few more to finish the job. I'm the #1 fan of Squeak Relief!

Nick M
Roswell, GA

Feedback update:

Your welcome Jim. I thought you needed to know how well they worked. I was a bit skeptic at first, but once installed, the squeaks were gone. House is almost 40 hears old with all hardwood floors, so squeaks all over. Truly amazed how the squeak is gone. My wife was shocked too (she happy). Also no problem at all with adding my comments to your website. You do have my name listed as Nick M, but its Nick D.

Nick D
Roswell, GA

Happy Father’s Day to me! Squeak-Relief stopped the madness!! I tried EVERYTHING before your product. NOTHING else worked. I feel like I owe you more money just for the peace of mind. Many, many thanks!!

Dan Sabourin,
Lake Ozark, Missouri


Squeak Relief is quite possibly the best product ever. We put in new hardwood floors and when we ripped up the old floors I spent 2 days installing screws to tighten the subfloor and eliminate squeaks. I put in over 1,000 screws. Of course, I missed two spots and both in high traffic areas. Just installed the squeak-relief and the squeaks are gone. Thank you!

Randy L
Fairfield, CT


We got it today, just in time for my help to get it done. Installing them now. They (Squeak Relief) are amazing!!

Piedad P
Warsaw, IN

We just want to say a huge “thank you” for providing a product that works the way it was advertised. We managed to fix all the floor squeaks that were driving us batty. Mike marked the spots on the carpeting with painter’s tape when he was trying to find the joists. He also came up with a great way to figure out if he’d really hit them prior to putting in the screws: he slid an old bicycle spoke down through the pilot hole and if it hit solid wood, he knew it was good. If it slid all the way through, he knew he was off. It worked great and prevented wasting screws.

We also appreciate the great customer service...you called after receiving my order to tell us we probably didn’t need one of the items I had ordered. That never happens! I so appreciated that and could also ask a few questions.

We’ve told others about you and your products and will continue to do so. Thank you so much!

Mike and Bev Stevens

I ordered a 12 pack of the Squeak-Relief braces and they solved my squeaky hardwood floors. They were easy to install and the hardware was great quality. I had my kids and wife hopping around the floors while I went to town installing your braces. They were having fun bouncing and making the floors squeak and I was taking satisfaction in stopping the squeaks so they'd have to keep bouncing to find another squeak. It didn't take long for me to run out of braces. Now my wife is telling me to order more and my kids are now trying to find more squeaks to challenge me. I expect I'll end up ordering more.
Thank You for a great product!
Mike Collins

Dear Jim,

I want to thank you for your time and commitment to not only providing a quality product but also your customer service. In an era with diminishing customer service, it is refreshing to know you still care about your product and your customers.

When I sent the contact form, I was not expecting a phone call let alone to receive that call on the same business day.

Your guidance in problem solving the issues we talked about on the phone proved instrumental in eliminating, or significantly, reducing the squeaky floorboards.

Please feel free to use any part of this message as a testimonial to your company and your customer service.

With gratitude,

David F.
Cambridge, MA

I have HAD 3 very irritating squeaks in the kitchen & pantry under the tile floor for years. I was able to access the area from the basement. I tried screws, braces, 90 degree angle brackets, shims…nothing would alleviate the squeaks for more than a few days. Then I discovered Squeak-Relief. Simple. Quick. NO MORE SQUEAKS under the tile floor. Now I can once again sneak into the kitchen for a snack without anyone hearing! Thanks.

Gilbert S.
Alpharetta, GA

Just wanted to let you know that your product worked great! We built our home 4.5 years ago and we had some major squeaky floors in our kitchen and great room. I almost hired a professional to fix them, because they were driving me nuts, until I found your products. I even installed them myself, but my husband had to tighten the larger screws for me. Our squeaks are gone!!!!! Thanks for a great product!

Nicole Enstrom

I've never used them before but popped a few in a couple boards that were driving me crazy. And I cant believe how solid and quiet they are now. Thanks for making this product. Were about to lay new flooring and I cant have any noise, above the movie theater were putting in. Man I cant believe it. Thanks.

Bob J.

I had a squeak in my dining room hardwood floor at a heavily traveled area measuring about 3' x 3' for the past 18 years! My wife saw something on Facebook a few weeks ago about eliminating squeaks in wood floors and saw a video from This Old House. So I watched it and there was Tom Silva using some product with a notched screw and a strange looking metal sleeve that allowed the screwhead break off below the floor surface. It looked easy so I found your website and ordered both the A and B kits thinking this is going to take some time. The kits arrived today, I located a floor joist in the squeaky area and with 1 screw the squeak was gone! Unbelievable! Put in a 2nd screw about 12" away just in case. Took 5 minutes. Great product and would definitely recommend it to everyone. Very easy to use. Thanks.

Tom S.

5 minutes after retrieving the package we no longer have an awful squeak right next to our kitchen sink and in my master closet. These squeaks were a constant source of irritation and they are gone. Super easy install and it worked flawlessly. Great product and I’m glad to see it’s made here in USA!

Mark K.


Finally for the first time in over a year of owning our house the squeaks are gone in the two places we installed thus far. Best product ever!

Adam M.

I just got a chance to install my first batch of Squeak-Relief Floor Repair Kits and they worked so well I just ordered a new batch. I just wanted to thank you for making a solid product that solves a problem that has been driving me crazy!

Jim Berry

Jim -

Thank you for the call on Sunday clarifying whether I wanted two starter kits. That is some serious customer service and I sincerely appreciate how conscientious that is. It’s been a long time since I’ve experienced such great service!!

Thanks again!

Hi Jim,

I just wanted to let you know I received the replacement package today. It arrived intact and undamaged.

I would like to thank you for your excellent customer service, it was a pleasure doing business with you.

The product worked so well, I may even buy another pack.

Thanks again,

Just received your ordered screw for squeaky hard wood floor and I used only ONE screw and the squeaky noise is gone. It is fantastic product and THANK YOU.

This noise was there for last 10 years and finally gone.



Squeaky Floor has great customer service and a wonderful product. I had the only house in my old neighborhood without noisy floors. The screws quickly addressed a long outstanding source of annoyance. We refinished the floors afterward and the screws were undetectable. We just bought a "new" house, it's actually 100 years old, and reached for our counter snaps screws to fix some old squeaks before the floor refinishers arrived. When we discovered that we were short and time tight, Squeaky Floors drove to UPS in order to ensure we received the product in time. We are so grateful. It really works!

Louise North

Atlanta, GA


I bought about 30 of these (Squeak Relief) last month. Nothing could be easier to install. Once you find the squeak and pull back the insulation, it takes twenty seconds to attach. I can't imagine there is a better solution. I ran out and will order more today.

- Patrick Morningstar, Floor Action Inc.

Nashville, NC


Many thanks for the feedback...got your re-order today and you should have it in two days to complete your job :)


This is just a testimonial. I would like to sing your praises to the highest!!! NOT AN EXAGGERATION. I took over the family home last August and the squeak that was my mother's signal that someone was walking down the hall is still here until today. It's been 54 years and I have not been able to sleep a full night in my home because of the floors. Tonight I look forward to a peaceful evening due to a few screws. Wow who knew!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

- Catherine Bobbie

Ontario, Canada

Catherine...stop it now, you're making me blush :)


We have a 60's rancher that squeaked and creaked everywhere! As of today we cured most of the hallway so much that we are ordering more (Squeak Relief) to fix the rest ot the house. Thanks!!!

- Cortnie Sproul

Lakewood, CO


Just wanted to add a testimonial for your Squeak Relief product. The townhouse I bought 8 years ago had squeaky floors throughout the entire house. I had previously pulled up the carpet and screwed down the subfloor to the joists in my rooms and hallways but was unable to fix the dining room and kitchen because they both had a hardwood floor. After searching online for possible fixes, I found and purchased your Squeak Relief product. I was able to install them in minutes and the loud squeaks that had bothered me for years are completely gone. Thanks for a great product!

- James Erck

Webster, NY


Your product (Squeak Relief) does exactly what it says and is very easy to install /use. I have recommended it to all my friends with squeaky floors & will continue to do so. Best product for squeaky floors - wish I had invented it.

- Bob Allen

Alpharetta, GA


Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your service. The products (Squeak Relief and Squeek-No-More) I purchased worked as advertised. Had to purchase both kits due to my home access. I would recommend stop searching and purchase these products. That squeaky floors about drove me nuts. Problem solved in a matter of hours.

- Jerry Biondo

O'Fallon, MO


We are elated with the "quiet home" we now have!! Your product is exactly what our framer needed to correct the weakly attached subfloor sections and joists of our new 2650 SF home. Although our framer is very reputable, something was not done correctly (adequate gluing or missed nailing) to securely attach our OSB subfloor to the floor joists. The "pops, snaps and thunks" were driving us crazy. Fortunately, I happened upon your product online while searching for a solution to our problem. We only prayed it would work. And, indeed it DID WORK! Our framer wanted to "make it right" so he paid for 70 boxes (12 packs) or 840 Squeak Relief braces and installed them for no charge!! He placed 9 braces per 4X8 sheet of OSB and then addressed more stubborn spots. They just finished the work today and promised to return to address any stray spots we may discover. Our only other alternative was to remove ALL the flooring and top screw the subfloor. That option made us quiver as it would have cost about $35,000! Squeak Relief is a true blessing for us. Now, our conversations will be about anything but the noisy floors. Thanks, Jim, for your development of this wonderful product and the wonderful support and great service. Quiet? Yes! Finally we can begin to enjoy our beautiful new home!!

-Rebecca Hunter

Broadway, NC

"Great product, great price, easy to use - I live in a pre-war building in NYC. My floors didn't 'squeak', they screamed. It should be state law for contractors to carry a pocket full of Counter-Snap screws on all renovation jobs. Outstanding service - personally invested!"

-Frank S.
Sunnyside, NY

Squeak Relief is a fantastic product...12 years of maddening squeaks gone in minutes.

-Anthony Howlett

Berkeley, CA

Purchased SNM about a year ago. Our house is up for sale and my wife actually positioned our furniture over the squeaks. Just finished repairing the worst squeak. It worked so well I went around the whole house just looking for squeaks to fix. Great product, worked exactly as shown.

-Terry Younghans

Fort Wayne, IN

Wow! Speedy shipping (received within 3 days of ordering) and a product that performs as advertised! You have made a very happy customer out of me and a firm beliver in the Counter Snap system. My trusty sidekick (2.5 year old son) and I cranked out the master bedroom in under an hour and all of the squeaks are now long gone. Tomorrow we will tackle the hallway and remaining rooms. Now my wife truly believes that I can fix anything! Thanks again!

-Aaron Heugly

Salt Lake City, UT

Squeak Relief is the first product I found that really corrects squeaky floors. Been looking for 19 years.

-Louis Major

Crossville, TN

Squeak No More is a great product. . .works as stated on website. Easy ordering and fast delivery. Thanks SqueakyFloor.com for helping me.

-Casey Hoida

De Pere, WI

Just wanted to say that Squeak Relief is a great product. Made in America, can't beat it!

-Linc Jones

Bought the Squeak Relief and they worked awesome. . .buying more and also for the first time I'm getting the Squeak No More for my berber carpet.

-Jeff Tocha

Lockport, NY

If every consumer product lived up to its claims as well as Squeak Relief does, this world would be a better place. Thanks for a product that REALLY works!

-Pat Sherman

Grove city, OH

Thanks for saving my sanity! Had a contractor put in a great kitchen...except he f-ed the floor. Massively loud squeaks. So I took out the ceiling in the room below. Used all of the brackets from my previous order. So I'm ordering more! (Also, I never ever want to be without extra brackets in case of future problems). Way okay to use my name for reference.

-Walt Socha,
Portland, WA

It's such a great product (CounterSnap). It's our second order and we are just anxious to get more squeaks out of the floor.

-Heather E.
Woodcliff Lake, NJ

From a repeat customer...

Squeak Relief worked great. But. . . found some new squeaks. Gotta get them too!

-Mark Engel

Yardley. PA


Your (Squeak Relief) product works like a charm. Couldn't be easier to use.

-Mike Bronner

Baldwinsville, NY

Hi Jim,

Wow... No I did not look at or even look for your guarantee. You are Just Like US at Lee Valley Tools! So happy to purchase from a company who stands by their product like you do. I'll be pleased to let everyone know how great you AND your company are. I was not going to bad-mouth you at all as I thought you didn't know my hardwood was only 3/8"... Heck, I didn't know either... LOL

I appreciate that you are sending back a refund... I may be buying MORE of the Joist Screws from you as not all of the squeaks are dealt with and my contractor was in a hurry and didn't complete everything. I have about 10-15 joist screws left but would likely need another 50-100... ... then could do rest of living room and bedroom. I might do it myself if/and once I get a drill with enough speed and torque to do a thorough job. You've made this gal a VERY Happy Camper!

-Sue Gibb
Ottawa, Canada.

You market an amazing product (Squeak Relief). We have been able to eliminate just about all the wooden floor squeeks in our 60 year old home. We just ran out and need a few more! Thank you!

-Jane Carter
Rochester, NY

I love your Squeak-Relief product . I just needed more to stop all the SQUEAKS......

-Ed Gajewski
Elmhurst, IL

Thanks so much for the $50 gift card! What a great surprise. I LOVE your product. It absolutely does what you say it will.

-Jim Lippold
Creston, IA

I think this is a great product (Squeak Relief). I'm getting rid of my squeaky floors after l0 years. Yeah!

-Connie Smith
Georgetown, SC

I just wanted to send along a brief note to say how terrific Counter-Snap has been for me already. From the ease of online ordering, prompt shipping, and solid packaging through to the actual quality (and simplicity) of the product.

I received my order yesterday and not wanting to waste any time, I began working with it last night. Of course I was curious about the testimonials I had read previous to purchasing. Well, now I know first-hand. My girlfriend and I are both in awe at how well this product works for silencing our floors. This 50+ yr old house now has fewer creaks and squeaks in it then a new built home. Nothing but good things to say. Thank you.

-Andrew & Heidi
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Squeak Relief is the GREATEST invention yet! Our floors were squeaking so bad it was annoying. We couldn't get up during the night without waking each other walking across the floor. After the installation of these brackets, we no longer have those awful squeaks. I am ordering more to put everywhere under the floor. Just a wonderful product.

-Glenda Becham
Knoxville, GA

I purchased about 6 of your Squeaky Floor product at least four years ago and had them sitting in my workshop all that time. Well this past week I had to remove part of the kitchen ceiling to install some lights. In doing so I exposed the underside of a tiled bathroom floor that has been driving me nuts with all the squeaks for over FIFTEEN YEARS. I installed cross bridging in about six locations and still had the DAMN squeaks. Then I remembered your product and while I had serious doubts about them being any more effective than the cross bracing I figured I had nothing to lose. WHAT A SURPRISE _ THEY WORKED AS ADVERTISED !!!!!!! I'm ecstatic!!! I can hardly contain myself. Just writing to say THANKS for a great product.

-Bill Spitzer
Marlboro Construction
Marlboro, MA

Note, After asking Bill's permission to add his comments to our feedback section, Bill added the following. . .

Please be my guest! BTW I got so carried away with the success I wound up installing the other three pair I still had in my 'new hardware drawer'. Would you let me know how to access the feedback page. That way I can add an addendum, commenting about the added bonus of finding a quality product Made in America.

Regards, -Bill Spitzer

Wow! When we built our house, I personally put 7500 deck screws into the sub-flooring - but guess what? We still ended up with a bad squeak in the hardwood - entering the Master Bedroom of all places! I lived with this squeak for 13 years until I discovered your product. It's finally gone. Simple, easy product that works great!

Thank you,
-Mitch Williams
Atlanta, GA

Two things: 1) Thank you for the quick response to my question. Customer Service is alive and doing well. 2) Just finished taking care of the squeaks in my floor with your Squeak-Relief Floor Repair kit. By the way. I am worse than the guy that does the video and it worked for me. Thanks.

William Simons
Pitman, PA

Repeat Customer... Fast and courteous service, and they care.

-Gary Hinman
Jacksonville, IL

Thanks again for the phone conversation a couple months ago. Your advice (and your products) are proving to be invaluable!

I pretty much fixed all the squeaks on the main floor of our home. A combination of the dual-threaded screws and the under-floor braces are working out great. So far, do not need to move to a new home! Mamma is happy! Thanks.

-LLoyd (Skip) Lyon,
Webster, NY

I just finished installing your product under my floors and I wanted to thank you. Unbelievable, it works great, I appreciate it so much, we had some severe squeaking going on. If you ever need me to promote your product, just ask.

Thanks again,
-Paul Shirer

Thanks for your prompt reply. Customer service is a lost art in most places. Glad to see that it still matters with you. Your product really works. I used it last week and have eliminated squeaky floors in our house but, still have a few more to correct. Thanks for a great product that WORKS!!!!!!!

Keep up the good work,
-John Y. Dockery

I ordered, received and installed my first order of ‘Squeak-Relief’ kits. Guess what...I am a very happy ‘do-it-yourselfer’ :) Your product works exactly as advertised, so I just now placed another order for a SRB-12 pack. A GREAT PRODUCT AT A VERY REASONABLE PRICE. This is an item that I will recommend to any and everyone.

-John Davis

Dear Jim,
Wanted to drop you a short note for your website. I ordered the Squeeek-No-More kit on Jan 24th and it arrived on Jan 30th.

It took five minutes and three screws. The squeaks disappeared as advertised. No damage to the carpet. A terrific product and will help anyone who tries tip-toeing in late at night and gets caught because of the squeaks!

Refreshing to deal with a good company and a product that performs as promised... I am confident I will be back for more of your line.

-Keith Harrison
Beeton, Ontario

I received the UPS package yesterday. You are a honorable man and I appreciate you taking the time to resend this to me. I will use the tool to fix all the squeaks upstairs in my home. Have a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

-January Dingle

Your product is AWESOME! I’m almost finished fixing my entire wood floor and the braces are working great! I may be broke, but at least my floor doesn’t squeak!

-Mike Bono

Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with your Squeak-Relief. The squeaks in the bathroom floor of my mobile home were making me crazy. Finally got a tech from Homes of Merit (Bartow, FL) to crawl under my house and take a look. Before he went under I gave him 4 packs of your Squeak-Relief to take with him. I had been looking up fixes on the net and yours looked like the best so I bought 4 packs.

The tech normally uses the kind with the threaded rod and wasn’t too sure about yours. After he installed the first one - he was sold. It nailed that squeak in 20 seconds. He said later that the threaded rod model takes 5-10 minutes to install and isn’t as solid feeling as yours. We found 3 more squeaks and he fixed them all in less time than installing just one threaded rod type. I still had 2 more packs so he wanted one to take back to the factory. I gave it to him and apparently the factory is going to switch over to your product. Cheaper, faster AND better - now that’s a winning combination. He has already used the sample pack I gave him and now want the one I have left. How about you sell some to the factory so I can keep my spare. Thanks again for a great product.

-Roger Croghan


Just a short note to let you know that I was quite impressed with the results I achieved when using the SQUEAK RELIEF product to eliminate the many floor squeaks we had in our home.

I am by no means a HANDS ON type of person when it comes to repairing things but I found this product quite easy to install and ultimately solve my floor problem.

A second point is the ease in obtaining the product; I called and placed the order and received it on my doorstep the next day with complete installation instructions. Great product and Great service.

-Ray Jobin

I just got done using your amazing product. The upper floor in my Townhome creaked very badly. Your product took care of the creaking. It was very easy to use too.

-Rick Ahrens

Subject: Did you hear that? Me either!

I just had to write and say that I ordered the Squeak Relief repair system after finding you via the Internet. The description of your product seemed to make sense, and seeing that Bob Vila’s American House had mentioned it lended credibility. I refinished my 1926 oak floors last year and, though I had nailed all the squeaks I could find right after sanding the floor, they still squeaked badly. I mean LOUD squeaks.

So, I ordered a Squeak Relief kit. I had my wife bounce on one of the worst squeaks in the living room went to the basement, and located the spot. Then I had her stand still and installed your product . I could hear the last dying squeak as I tightened the screws. When my wife stood off of the spot, the squeak was gone! We both jumped on the spot to see if we could get it to make a noise--nope! She was as impressed as I was.

Thank you very much for an excellent and easy to use product.

-Bob Taylor
Pittsburgh, PA

P.S., I appreciate that they’re Made in the USA. Squeeek-No-More fixed my upstairs hall squeaks, too! Thanks again.